Motorcycle Clubs! Riding Groups! Museums! Schools! Enthusiasts! Churches!
Anyone can host a screening of Why We Ride for their community!


“Why We Ride
will surely warm the souls of bike enthusiasts

while prompting many nonriders to join the fold.”
– Gary Goldstein


“Why We Ride
is an interesting look at the way motorcycles have
become not only a form of transportation…,but also a form of recreation,
sports, and a way to bond with others, including your own family.”
– Francine Brokaw


We’ve partnered with, which is a web-platform that connects independent films (like ours) with their fans (like you) by arranging showings at movie theaters or other private venues all over the country!


We have two programs for you to choose from:



Do you think we can get 100 people from your community to come out for a screening? If so, then sign up to host a screening with Tugg by clicking HERE.



Want to host a DVD screening at a non-theatrical venue? Tugg can help by providing you with a public performance license and merchandise to support your effort. To learn more, please click HERE


Alternatively, motorcycle dealerships and other organizations can sponsor a screening and their sponsorship fee will cover the minimum number of tickets needed to guarantee the screening along with promotion materials and dedicated support so that their experience is turn-key and a success for their customers and communities. For more information about this program, please click HERE.


If you have any questions we didn’t answer above, you can contact us HERE.