Q: When is this documentary coming out?

A: The film is playing in US theaters and available for booking in Canadian, Australian and UK theaters. It is also available worldwide on DVD and digital streaming or download. For a list of screenings or to buy the film, please click on one of the links at the top of this page.
Q: Who is distributing the film?
A: The fans are! With the power of social media and crowd sourcing, independent films like ours have the ability to reach audiences worldwide. With your help, our film can be seen almost everywhere!
Q: Who produced the film?
A: The production companies and producers are listed in the PRODUCTION TEAM page.
Q: Who financed or sponsored this film?
A: The film is independently financed and no sponsorships were allowed by any group or company in the motorcycle industry during its production. This was to ensure the creative integrity of the documentary and that there would be no favoritism giving to any one group. However, during our production countless motorcycle groups and companies assisted us with introductions and access to locations and events for our filming.
Q: How can I get more information and status updates about this documentary?
A: Please visit and follow our social media sites on Facebook , Instagram, Twitter and Youtube. You can also send us a message via the CONTACT US section and we will add you to our email list.
Q: Are there other movies being made?
A: Yes, this is the first of many projects we are planning to make. One of the next films will be a live-action feature about the life story of the legendary motorcycle racer Ed “Iron Man” Kretz.